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Second Generation Honda Civic Car 1979-1983


1979 Honda Civic 3 door
1979 Honda Civic 5 door

Second Generation Honda Civic Car 1979-1983

This second generation year 1979, Honda Civic was introduced to the body shape better follow brands with larger dimensions and interior comfort and driving performance. The Honda Civic has a feature that is more complete than the previous generation . The feature is the base floor, rear window defroster, wipers front and rear, body side moldings and more.In terms of first, a capacity of 1335 cc that produces 55 HP. Second capacity 1488 cc and energetic 67 P. Second generation Honda Civic has 3 different transmission, it was a 4 speed manual, 5-speed manual and 2-speed semi-automatic. CVCC -II  engine technology is also applied to this generation, and can consume more fuel-efficient, their use reached 20 km per 1 liter.

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