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The Future of the Honda Civic Type R

The Future of the Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R isn’t what you’d exactly call slow, we’re sure most of you will agree. In fact, it’s what you’d call blisteringly quick. Designed to beat race tracks into submission and obliterate modern sports cars, it is the definitive FWD hot hatch when it comes to performance. It may not be the most practical or the most efficient, but as an object built for speed, you’ll be hard challenged to find something which can beat it. Now though, Honda things they did manage to do exactly that, and it comes in the form of another Civic Type R. Or, should we say, several Type R variants. Honda has announced they plan on making multiple versions of their hottest of hot hatches, and joy of joys, that only means we’ll get to see an even faster Civic in the near future.

The first such iteration is a “grand touring” Type R. When we say grand touring, we mean relative to what the current Type R already is. Although nothing is official, think of softer dampers, perhaps a taller ride height, more luxurious interior, a plethora of gadgets, and maybe even ditching that massive rear spoiler for a “sleeper” look. This is all speculation of course, so take it with a bit of reserve.

What we’re more interested in however, is Honda’s main focus with the Type R: add more power and performance, deduce weight. Yes, you read that right. They’re planning on making something even feistier down the line, and it could potentially even boast an all-wheel drive system. This, as you’re probably well aware, puts it directly in the line of fire of the Volkswagen Golf R and the Ford Focus RS. The Subaru WRX STI and, perhaps more importantly, the Mercedes A45 AMG, are worthy adversaries as well, but given their heftier price range, we don’t think they’ll be in the same ballpark as an AWD Civic Type R. The limit to how much power you can send to the front wheels without sacrificing performance has been met a long time ago, manufacturers were just delaying the inevitable by not going all-wheel drive sooner. Anything over 300 horsepower and you have the front wheels spinning in third and fourth.

Naturally, to rival its newfound competitors, the AWD Civic will need to boast well in excess of 330 horsepower, but we’re Honda can extract even more from the little 2.0-liter mill if they have to. After all, this is the company best known for its reliability and customer service, so they’ll be able to deliver something astonishingly powerful and reliable without a doubt. All that remains is, well, to wait. Wait and see what they announce later this summer. We have a feeling it’ll be well worth it in the end.

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