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Honda Civic 2017 the Best Performance Family Car

Honda cars occupy a favorable position among the car buyers and the new Honda Civic 2017 is no exception. This handsome car is makes your driving enjoyable, and is one of the most reliable cars as it always been. This car is available as

  • Four door sedan
  • A two- door coupe
  • Four door hatchback

to suit every one of your needs. This versatile Honda Civic 2017 comes with a highly fuel efficient four cylinder engine that will make your purse happy even when you are driving her around the city or on highways most of the day. You will love its wide and spacious back seats and will be able to enjoy its large space especially in the sedan and hatchback models. The interior of the Honda Civic 2017 is well designed and built to perfection and this is one of the best factors that make this car stand out among its competitors. Due to these high points the Honda Civic 2017 stands apart from the other compact cars in its segment and hence remains the favorite choice of the car buyers.

EX-T coupe and Sedans. This is also making way for the Civic hatchback to come back into the market with a big bang that cannot be ignored by serious car lovers. Though the hatchback comes The new Honda Civic 2017 comes with many good changes and the most important among them is the addition of the six speed manual transmission to the fully charged turbo charger Civic only with the Honda’s all efficient  1.5 liter turbocharged  four cylinder engine it still has the ability to stand neck to neck with other cars in this segment and beat them in every aspect of their performance.

Yet another factor that will weigh high with the car buyers oriented towards hatchbacks is that the Honda Civic 2017  Sport and Sport Touring models come with 180 HP power that is an additional 6 HP than other Civic models. This markedly improves its performance true to its design as a Sports car. To make the Honda Civic more attractive for the buyer the Honda Civic 2017 EX Sedan model comes with a Satellite radio though it is available only as a trial feature.

The Honda Civic 2017 is a very practical vehicle equipped with everything that you may need during its varied use. If you are more oriented towards adventure and off road activities then you have the Honda Civic Sports hatchback. This is the car that comes with 18 inch wheels, automatic climate control, leather wrapped steering wheel, leather clad gear shift knob etc. For a small additional cost you can get a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT).


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