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The Honda Civic Type R Which Raised $200,000 For Charity

The Honda Civic Type R Which Raised $200,000 For Charity

Although the new Honda Civic Type R’s U.S. arrival has been highly anticipated for several years now, Honda being Honda, decided to make the launch a little bit more special. The Japanese giant has very generously decided to auction off the very first car, all in the name of a good case, one which is greater than all of us. Not many car websites have covered this amazing act of generosity, but we feel it deserves an entire article as it’s that important. It really goes to show how heartwarming and likable some of these car manufacturers can be with just a little bit of effort.

The car’s price currently sits at a staggering $200,000, thanks to a very kind and humble bidder who remained anonymous. We did try to find out who this gentleman was, but alas, it proved to be of no success. He didn’t do it for the glory or the fame, he simply did it to help others and maybe even save a life. Two hundred thousand dollars could have bought him a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, but he decided to spend them on the world’s best FWD chassis and a noble cause. We could all learn a thing or two from this gentleman.

The proceedings of the charity will go to the America’s Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Their aim is to help kids diagnosed with brain tumors, both in treatment and in quality of life. The foundation helps kids and adults, teaching them how to cope with what is arguably one of the most aggressive forms of tumor on the planet. It’s a short-lived tale for the affected, but one which we’re understating more and more thanks to generous donations like this one. The auction is still open if anyone of you is interested, and will remain to be open for a few more days. It’s now or never folks.

In return you’ll be getting a brand-spanking new Civic Type R with a VIN 01, i.e. the very first car to roll into the U.S. The 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder makes 316 horsepower and a lot of torque, but it’s the Type R’s kart-like handling which impresses people the most. It’s direct and intuitive, with a ton of feedback. It does feel like a big go-kart when you’re really on it, despite its FWD credentials.

It’s finished off in beautiful dark blue, with black wheels all around and contrasting red accents (red calipers, red wheel lines and red front lip). It does look like a proper Civic Type R, and think of just how cool it’ll feel like owning the very first Type R to touch American soil.

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