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What makes the FWD Honda Civic The Perfect All-around Vehicle

What makes the FWD Honda Civic The Perfect All-around Vehicle

Have you ever wondered what the best all-around vehicle might be? Not the fastest, the most affordable, the most efficient or the most practical, but all of those things combined. A single package which can genuinely do it all, regardless of the situation or the circumstance. Well, we have, long and hard, and we believe we’ve come with a solution. The answer, as you’ve probably already guessed by the title of this article, is the Honda Civic.


Well, why not? It’s one of the most iconic cars the world has ever seen, going through almost a dozen generations without losing its appeal at any point. Is it the fastest car ever made? Not by a long shot. Is it the most practical? Well, no, since we all know SUVs exist. But is it the most capable in the real world if you had to have just one vehicle? Absolutely yes.


Okay, let’s start with practicality since most people will be using it as a daily driver. To live with, it’s no different than the next car on sale. Difference is, the Civic offers genuine midsize sedan space in an extremely compact hatchback/sedan body. It’s big enough to accommodate a family of four of five with ease, but small enough to be categorized as a hatchback capable of squeezing anywhere. What more could you possibly want from a car? It’s got the exterior design to match and the interior features to entertain. Plenty of safety systems, respectable luxury and an extremely ergonomic layout. Are there more luxurious interiors out there? Yes, but that’s not the point. The Civic’s cabin is more than anyone is ever going to need, the perfect wrap of comfort, style and luxury.

Fun Factor

The base models with the smallest engines are far from being quick, but they’re still really fun to drive. Power it seems, is not the end do all see all. As the saying goes, it’s a lot more fun to drive a slower car fast than a faster car slow. The Civic’s suspension is so well set up that you quickly realize it’s the perfect balance between comfort and sport. It offers just enough compliance and ride height to make every journey comfortable, but enough stiffness to eliminate body roll and provide amazing feedback. Take any Civic, of any generation, and it’s the same story pretty much. With go kart-like handling and unrivaled agility, the nippy Civic platform is a crowd favorite when discussing front-wheel drive vehicles.

Bang for Buck

Although not cheap, the competitively priced Civic offers what is arguably the best value for money of any car currently on sale. It boasts best in-class cabin space, unprecedented interior features, envious performance figures and that legendary Honda reliability.

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