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Honda History in America

Honda History in America Honda has reached a major milestone – having been in the United States America for 50 years. Initially, Honda was known for motorcycles and scooters, not the robust lineup of cars that we have today. Eventually the appeal of Honda motorcycles caught on, and this popularity helped …

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5 Reasons to Choose the Honda Civic Sedan

5 Reasons to Choose the Honda Civic Sedan Very Attractive Pricing: Honda have realised that the Honda Civic sedan lacks the sales power of its hatchback sibling. However, the company have sought to rectify this with a lower entry price point to boost the sales of the Honda Civic sedan …

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Honda Civic fourth generation (1987-1991)

Honda Civic fourth generation (1987-1991) Still quite the same shape of the previous model, the fourth generation Honda Civic comes with a new design that is more attractive and aerodynamic. Improvements were made on the legs to wear double-wishbone suspension at all four wheels. This generation also has several variants …

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