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The TCR-Spec Honda Civic

The TCR-Honda Civic

Welcome everyone, to the brand-new Honda Civic Type R built specifically to go racing. TCR is becoming a real thing, with the likes of VW and Ford joining the racing series. Now though, JAS Motorsport has decided to outfit a Honda Civic Type R in full TCR spec and let it go racing. Given the car’s incredible reputation as a road car, one can only assume it will fair amazingly well in racing. Will it live up to its name? Well that remains to be seen, but for now, it certainly promises a lot.

JAS Motorsport won the famous World Touring Car Championship back in 2013 with a, you guessed it, Honda Civic. To say they’re quite handy when it comes to racing cars and Hondas in particular then, would be an understatement. They recently announced their decision to take the new Civic Type R racing on their twitter feed, and fans have been absolutely delighted. It was only a matter of time before someone went racing with it, and we’re glad JAS is the first to do so. Although they haven’t released any official information apart from their tweet below, we have a rough estimate of what it’ll run.

JAS Twitter Feed:
“Here we go then: JAS Motorsport to introduce new #HondaCivic Type R TCR in 2018. #TCR

The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine will be poked to produce a bit more power, but the series’ limit is 330 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque. In terms of power then, they’re already there. The lowest amount of permitted weight is 1250 kilograms, which you can be sure they’ll try and get as close to as possible. Here’s the thing though: that weight is only allowed if the car retains its stock gearbox. Since teams can opt to run a sequential gearbox, they’ll have to deal with an added 35 kilogram ballast. The manual should be, in theory, faster, but the consistency won’t be there. Frankly we’ll be surprised if most (if not all) teams don’t run the sequential shifter.

Teams are allowed to change the brakes, the tires and the suspension but not the suspension layout. The Civic Type R’s secret weapon is its undertrain, exactly the one thing its rivals can’t change. The Type R runs an independent system on all four corners, something most rivals don’t have. One nothing to the Civic and JAS so far then.

Visually, the TCR-spec Civic equipped by JAS is a real looker, you have to agree. The large rear wing adds downforce, and it’s balanced out by the massive front splitter. The car is wider as well, hence the extended arches on the quarter panels. The Type R will go up against VW’s, Seat and Ford’s finest, with races starting in December. Clear your calendar because this will be a good one. Certainly more exciting than the current F1 races.

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